What defines us?

Almost 30 years sharing in the best company.

The year 1995 saw the birth of in Mallorca, our company did so with three basic principles that have endured over time: the freshness of our products, the abundance of our dishes and all this at an affordable price. Thus was born the Skalop concept: escalopes breaded in a traditional way and with authentic flavor.

The difference lies in the disproportion, because our escalopes are so large
that our dishes remain
small. Our quality is top quality and our price is
minuscule. We bred our meat on a daily basis. Our premises are colorful and modern, with the kitchen open to the public. In addition, we break away from the Fast Food concept to position ourselves in the Fast Good: fast food,
quality, healthy and balanced.

Going to a Skalop is the closest thing to those meetings that come to mind when we think of family reunions, it is a meeting point for friends, parents and children, teenagers, couples … And above all: we are not talking about customers, but guests that we like to repeat and feel at home. The proof of this is the high loyalty rate we have. Thank you!

We are at your disposal!

At Skalop, we are here for any questions you may have. Send us your message and we will answer you faster than we cook our delicacies. Let’s talk soon!

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Order Skalop

Wherever and whenever, Skalop is just a click away. Thanks to our own delivery, take away and Glovo services, we take Skalop wherever you want. You choose the moment and we provide the flavor!

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Copyright © 2024 Skalop | Designed by Visual Arts