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The Internal Information Channel of RESTAURANTES SKALOP, S.L., also called Ethical Channel, is the tool and procedure through which the members of the company can report or notify irregularities or infractions committed within the company and that contravene the internal regulations of the same and do so anonymously or not.

This system has been implemented in accordance with the provisions of Law 2/2023, of February 20, regulating the protection of persons who report regulatory violations and the fight against corruption. Through it, you can send us information about actions or omissions that may constitute administrative or criminal offenses of any of the premises and offices corresponding to RESTAURANTES SKALOP, S.L.

We remind you that by sending us information through the Internal Information Channel you guarantee that the personal data, if any, included in your communication is true, accurate, complete and updated, and you agree to inform us of any changes to it. It should also be noted that the data provided will be treated in accordance with the provisions of our Privacy Policy, available in the section with that name. False or malicious denunciations may give rise to the corresponding sanctions, without prejudice to the civil or even criminal liabilities that may arise according to current legislation.

The use of this Channel is voluntary and claims must be made, in any case, in good faith, not covering actions that it is essential to exclude from protection, such as the transmission of false or misrepresented information, as well as those that have been obtained in an unlawful manner.

In those forms whose fields are marked as mandatory, they must be filled in to be able to process your requests, without prejudice to the possibility of sending the communication anonymously, marking it in the complaint form.

In the event that in your information (complaint) you leave us an e-mail address, you will receive there the notifications of the steps of the investigation or eventual archiving of the file. Please also note that, in the event that the reported conduct could constitute a crime, it will be immediately reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office or referred to another authority or agency that may be competent to process the report. In the event that the facts affect the financial interests of the European Union, a referral shall be made to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

However, in the event that the complaint is not anonymous, please note that your identity will be preserved and may only be communicated to the judicial authority, the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the competent administrative authority in the context of a criminal, disciplinary or disciplinary investigation.

Information (Whistleblowing) can be made with identification of the informant (whistleblower), or even anonymously.

Please note that both the informant and the persons affected by the complaint shall have the right to the preservation of their identity, under the terms provided for in Article 32 of Law 2/2023 of February 20. In addition, informants have a series of rights, when the information they provide complies with the requirements of articles 2 and 35 of this regulation, among which the prohibition of reprisals (article 36) stands out. It also considers the measures of support and protection against retaliation provided for in Articles 37 and 38 of the Law.

However, please also take into consideration that “communicating or publicly disclosing information knowing it to be false” is considered a very serious offense and that the Law provides for fines ranging from 30,001 to 300,000 euros for individuals who commit it [articles 63.1.f) and 65.1.a) of the aforementioned Law].

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